MAG-HYTEC'S heavy duty differential covers and transmission pans provide increased lubricant and cooling capacity for hard working recreational and service vehicles. MAG-HYTEC covers and pans set your vehicle apart in both aesthetics and function - cast in A356-T6 aluminum and texture powder coated black with machined cooling fins. Magnetic drain plugs trap worn gear material promoting fluid integrity. Each unit is fitted with ARP 568 O-rings for superior sealing.  All hardware is 303 stainless steel; in most applications no gasket or sealant is required. Includes a suspended magnet, which acts as a filter to collect metallic particles that become suspended in the lubricating oil keeping the fluid cleaner and extending component life. These pans also have ports drilled and tapped for temp sensors as well as convenient drain plug locations. All Mag-Hytec parts are covered by a lifetime-limited warranty. Most people overlook the importance of a technologically advanced pan and cover design. However, both Mag-Hytech and CSD do recognize it, which is why CSD carries their full diesel line of pans and covers like no other.

As the metallic components in transmissions and axles wear, they generate very fine particle debris that becomes suspended in the lubricating oil.  A suspended magnet acts as a filter to contain these particles, keeping the fluid cleaner and extending component life. Periodic checking and cleaning of the magnet is recommended for maximum fluid service life.

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