For over fifteen years MBRP inc. has been delivering performance enthusiasts the most in power, the most in product quality and the most in customer responsiveness. Starting from little more than a vision and an absolute passion for all things performance, MBRP Inc. is now at the forefront of performance exhaust technology. Marshalling over ten decades of manufacturing and marketing expertise between them, the MBRP design team developed a line of performance diesel exhaust products that has made the rest of the industry take notice, and rush to catch up.
MBRP prides themselves on their ability to deliver outstanding "fit and finish". They have done exactly that! Their systems install easily, as if the vehicle was designed with their exhaust system in mind. The mandrel bends are right on, the welds are clean, and the hangers always match up to factory locations. After the system is installed, your ride will have the deep tone of their less restrictive straight through muffler, cooler EGT's, and your engine will breathe easier. You can breath easy too knowing that MBRP offers lifetime warranties on their stainless systems and a 3-year warranty on their aluminized systems. MBRP's dedication to the diesel performance enthusiast is further evidenced by the fact that they offer both 4 and 5 inch exhaust, "Smoker"(tm) stack kits, their "Cool-Dual"(tm) systems, and various tip styles. Their standard systems are available in aluminized, 409 stainless and 304 stainless. MBRP makes it so you can get a look and a price that suits you. Let us help you put the MBRP "fit and finish" on your truck.