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Starting in 1982, Mike Riechers first opened a general machine shop. In 1985, R&R Machine Shop added an automotive machine shop that transitioned into manufacturing specialty racing parts, including R&R Racing Products now famous for their Pro-Series billet connecting rods. By 1995, R&R’s connecting rod business took over and the general and automotive portion of the machine shop was downsized. R&R began manufacturing oil pumps in 1999 and billet steel connecting rods in 2005.

Mike’s interest in racing began with a small-block Chevy powered ‘77 Vega seen regularly at the local strip. Mike met his future wife Julie in 1986 and together they built a blown gas ’71 Chevelle. They married in 1988 and by 1992 they had started 1/4 mile drag boat racing, winning the championship title in 1997, 1998, and 1999 leading to his NDBA Driver of the Year in 1999.

Mike retired from boat racing to let his wife, Jules, take a stab at racing. She continued to excel with blown alcohol dragster, blown alcohol pro modified, the Lucas 4 wheel drive pulling truck to the current blown alcohol Grand National mini rod pulling tractor. This heritage of racing and performance is second only to the passion they bring to their business founded on the family love for speed.

We have worked with some of the best in the industry all under the R&R flag including:

Larry and Mick Snyder

Dave Hirata

TFS Performance

Magnus Motorsports

Wagler Competition

Schied Diesel

Jerry Johnston

Doc Love

Daddy Dave

Brian Crower

River City Diesel

It’s more than likely someone you know or race against runs R&R billet aluminum or steel connecting rods and billet oil pumps that can be found in top-performing engines and race cars around the world. Now it’s your turn to join the ranks of the best!



For more than a decade, R&R Racing Products and Machine Shop Inc. has been manufacturing the highest quality precision engineered billet race components, catering to the racing community, manufacturing a wide range of products from their Pro-series aluminum and steel connecting rods to their dry sump oil pumps.

While other manufacturers attempt to dominate the market by mass producing their rods and selling them at cutthroat prices, R&R has taken a different approach. R&R Racing Products is dedicated to continuously improving its connecting rods and other products by actively seeking out new technologies, processes, and stronger materials, thereby standing up to their promise of exceeding and outperforming the competition time and time again. R&R’s exclusive materials and manufacturing processes allow for an almost infinite flexibility in making custom steel and aluminum connecting rods.

R&R places the utmost importance in ensuring its products are the best while providing custom connecting rods at little or no cost above that of their competitor’s one size fits all or “off-the-shelf” product.

Whether considering R&R’s billet aluminum or steel connecting rods, R&R has manufactured thousands of sets of connecting rods for hundreds of different engines over the years, so it’s a good chance they’ve already done it. That includes steel and aluminum rods for Ford, Chevy, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, Porsche, as well as for numerous motorcycle, diesel, exotic, and vintage motors.

Although it’s rare to find a rod that they have not done, if new to R&R, just send in a sample rod and R&R will take it from there, engineering a connecting rod that is for correct for the application.

Lawn & Garden


Street & Strip


Land & Speed


Drag Racing



Sport Compact

Off Road



Typically used for everything from antique applications to drag racing. Also used for pulling and heavy load applications.

Following the same heritage of dedication to quality and performance, R&R’s custom Pro billet steel rods are available for any application, and custom rods are no problem. R&R offers rods in H-beam, I-Beam, and an ultra-light I-Beam styles for imports and domestics models.

Custom rods are available in as little as six to eight weeks with your choice of ARP 2000 or Custom Age 625 rod bolts. Backwards bolt, slanted cap, or other custom or difficult to manufacture rods are also no problem for us. Independent and thorough testing of both our exclusive alloys and finished product places the utmost importance in ensuring that R&R delivers the best set of connecting rods money can buy.

Mil Spec Aircraft Quality Double Re-Melt Chromoly that exceeds E4340AQ
Steel Similar to 300M Specifications
Fully Machined
Triple Tempered
Surface Peened—Through Hardened
Cryogenically Treated
Balanced +/- 1.0 Gram
Large rods and diesel balanced to within +/- 2 grams
AMPCO 45 Bushings
Magnaflux Inspected and Rockwell Tested


These rods are much lighter and used for straight line racing. R&R Pro-series Connecting Rods are CNC machined out of their proprietary aluminum alloys developed exclusively for R&R. The Pro-series alloy has up to 24% increased tensile and yield strength over competitors rod alloys. All alloys are cold extruded under 2,000+ tons of pressure to ensure consistent grain flow and density. This yields the strongest and lightest rod possible with an exceptional fatigue life and reduced elongation. As with all our connecting rods, material has been ultrasonically tested, bores are precision honed to standards, mating surfaces are standard or circle-loc serrated for super-strength and perfect cap to rod alignment, and all corners are blended to eliminate stress risers. All connecting rods come standard with ARP rod bolts.

R&R Aluminum Connecting rods are available for most any import or domestic applications by providing a fully custom rod at little or no cost above that of an “off-the-shelf” product. Our in-house team is capable of designing and manufacturing a single set of rods or a few hundred sets, reasonable priced, with the shortest turn around time possible, ensuring quick delivery so you spend more time on the track or strip than sitting in the stands!

Fully Machined Billet, Not Forged
Balanced +/- 1.0 Gram
ARP Fastener


This type of construction is only available in steel.



I-Beam rods are our heaviest and strongest design used where severe boost applications and extreme horsepower is applied. This type of construction is available in steel and aluminum.


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