For over 29 years, Turbonetics has led the charge for not only more boost, but quicker response and increased reliability. This year, with Turbonetics HP compressor wheel and increased implementation of the F1 Turbine wheel introduced last year, they have engineered one of the finest lines of performance turbos in the entire industry.

The Torque-Master line of diesel specific products has hit the market running, from the street products like the turbo and intercooler upgrades for diesel pick-ups to the extreme killer turbos used on some of the wildest competition tractors, Torque Master is making history. Those serious about diesel performance know these systems make a dramatic difference. Their Spearco Division is also moving forward at a rapid pace with a line of both air-to-air and liquid-to-air intercoolers that has gone from extensive to outrageous.

Turbonetics makes their kits complete and ready to bolt on.