Unlimited Diesel Performance

Unlimited Diesel offers the finest in

 extreme diesel performance parts, Powerstroke fuel injectors

and products to get the most horsepower and fuel economy out of your diesel truck. Our staff of diesel enthusiasts does not just sell these products, we run them in our own trucks so you can bank on our experience and expertise when it comes to advice and installation. Whether you use your truck for work, towing, sled pulls or all out track racing, we can help you unleash the thoroughbred diesel engine living under your hood and achieve better performance and dependability.

Unlimited Diesel also is the leader in Powerstroke Fuel Injector quality, and we stand behind our product. Whether you require stock replacement injectors or performance Powerstroke Fuel Injectors, ours come with a lifetime warranty. That is right, we build 100% bulletproof Powerstroke fuel injectors so you NEVER have to worry about Powerstroke diesel fuel injector issues again!

Unlimited Diesel is more than just the best performance parts, and best fuel injector warranty in the industry. We are a full service shop and offer elite diesel service if you bring your diesel truck to our Bremen, Ohio shop. So fuel your addiction... Shop our online store for the best deals on parts, bring your truck to us for service and installation, and experience the Unlimited Diesel difference for yourself!