1994 - 2002 12 & 24 Valve Cummins fitted with NV4500 Transmission up to 550HP Dual Disc

  • $ 1,010.00

Attention all 12-1/4" NV4500 and Getrag users.

All 12v trucks will need the center bore machined out.

All flywheels must be checked, we have seen some 24v trucks that have had the 12v flywheel.

1988 - 1993 12 Valve Cummins fitted with Getrag 5 Speed Transmission.


We no longer offer replacement Getrag clutches.

The 12 1/4" NV4500 clutch will fit your stock Getrag flywheel or you can upgrade to the 13" conversion kit found here. 5 speed 13" upgrade.

All dual disc come standard with 1.375 hubs

Trucks with OEM 1.25 input shafts must order input shaft kit VA1.375K or VA1.375B

You can order a clutch built with 1.25 hubs, but you must tell your sales person at the time of order.




Not for Competion Use Towing Dual Disc Not for Racing applications



Dual Disc Kit - up to 550HP
Organic Facings
Nodular Iron Flywheel and Billet Floater plate
Pressure Plate Load - 3800#
Kit includes: New Nodular Sprung hub NV4500 Dual Disc Flywheel, 3800# Pressure Plate, Organic Clutch Discs, Release Bearing, HD Pilot Bearing, Modified Clutch Fork, Bolt Kit, starter spacer and Alignment Tool.

If you have a Stock - 500HP truck and tow a lot this is the only way to go. This clutch has a smooth engagement.