2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Mads Smarty SSR Super Sport Revo RACE Programmer SSR59

2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Mads Smarty SSR Super Sport Revo RACE Programmer SSR59

  • $ 735.00

Warning! To get the most out of your engine you NEED to dial in the right settings on a dyno! This is especially true when it comes to the injection timing! With too much injection Duration what you get is less power and higher EGT's, with fuel injected too early aka HLT set too high, you can ( NO! You WILL ) destroy your engine!!! One more time, to find the right high load settings for YOUR particular combination of modifications you NEED A DYNO!!! Period.

After almost three years of R&D, countless hours spent on the dyno, our biggest
ever beta tester project. We are proud to introduce our latest product dedicated to the Diesel motorsport RACERS.
Super Sport Revo

Is the number of possible race-performance software combinations the SSR allows for. This is the first and only hand held device that provides this much flexibility! When it comes to race-performance software customization, the SSR is the answer! No need for a PC. No need to know about binary code. No need to spend countless
hours on complicated software. No need to become a software engineer to fine tune your truck! The SSR delivers the right combination of performance parameters to fully customize your engine. No matter what modifications you have done to it! Whatever race and class you want to compete in, the SSR has the answer!

How it works:

The SSR provides just one base performance software that takes care of all the limiting factors like the speed / RPM / Torque & boost limiters. Then you will need to fine tune the injection duration, injection timing & rail pressure to the truck's needs. The three most critical performance parameters in a Diesel engine! In order to allow the complete customization of the performance software to the particular engine's needs, the SSR provides 50 levels each for the following parameters:
1) Low Load injection Timing ( LLT )
2) High Load injection Timing ( HLT )
3) Low Load injection Duration ( LLD )
4) High Load injection duration ( HLD )
5) Low Load Rail Pressure ( LLRP )
6) High Load Rail Pressure ( HLRP )
All you need to do is to select the tuning parameters that match your truck best, voilà.