Edge Products 25003 Chevy Evolution Programmer

Edge Products 25003 Chevy Evolution Programmer

  • $ 359.20

The Edge Products 25003 Evolution Programmer for your 207.5-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax LMM is the industry's first standalone programmer to display EGTs. The Evolution Programmer re-tunes your truck to maximize performance, fuel economy and also features built-in monitoring capabilities. Plus, it ships with a custom-designed pod to make the Evolution look factory installed.

Advanced Tuning
The Edge Evolution Programmer is loaded with Performance Tunes to increase Horsepower, Torque and overall engine efficiency.
Along with additional tuning parameters such speedometer correction and adjusting the speed limiter.

Performance Testing
The Evolution Programmer features advanced hardware that allows you to test your performance parameters. Test your skills with a 1/4 mile performance, 0-60 MPH tests and reaction times with drag strip style tree lighting. 

Also used as a diagnostic tool, the Evolution Programmer can datalog vital engine information and display alerts and records such as RPM, MPH & EGT. The Evolution Programmer will also allow you to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.

Parameters Monitored
The Evolution allows you to view up to 4 PIDs at one time. There are 24 different PIDs to choose from: RPM, MPH. Engine Coolant Temp, Load, Gear, Trans Fluid Temp, Boost Pressure, Mass Air Flow, Intake Air Temp, Desired Fuel Rail Pressure, Actual Fuel Rail Pressure, Output Shaft Speed, Manifold Absolute Pressure, Main Injection Timing, Torque, Batter Voltage, Calculated Fuel Rate, Turbo Vane Position, Intake Air Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Fuel Temperature, Desired Idle, Exhaust Gas Temp. 

Power Levels
The following power gains are representative of an actual test vehicle. These gains were measured on a SuperFlow Dyno at an altitude of 4400 ft above sea level, and represent power delivered to the rear wheels of the test truck. The only modification made to the test truck was the addition of the Edge Evolution module. Power gains may vary based on vehicle and geographical location.

Level 0: Stock
Level 1: 30 Horsepower - 57 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 2: 50 Horsepower - 90 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 3: 75 Horsepower - 150 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 4: 85 Horsepower - 200 Foot Pounds of Torque

Hot Unlock Levels*

(available from Edge for an additional charge)
Level 5: 100 Horsepower - 215 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 6: 115 Horsepower - 230 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 7: 130 Horsepower - 250 Foot Pounds of Torque


  • Reads & Displays EGT's (Probe Included)
  • In-Cab Display To Monitor Vital Engine Functions 
  • Adjustable Power Levels (+100 HP & 200Ft-Lbs)
  • Display & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Adjustable LED Backlight Color
  • Display DPF Regen Status
  • Display Soot Mass
  • Display Injector Balance Rates



Your Evolution programmer has the ability to remove/adjust your vehicle's factory speed limiter. Removal/adjustment of the factory speed limiter is intended for use at a closed circuit, legally sanctioned racing environment. Even if racing in a legally sanctioned racing environment, it is your responsibility to ensure your tires and other vehicle components are rated to travel at increased speeds with the speed limiter removed/adjusted. If you remove/adjust the speed limiter during highway driving, it is your responsibility to obey all driving laws, including adhering to posted speed limits. Removing/adjusting the speed limiter for purposes inconsistent with the product's intended function, as stated herein, is a violation of the product's intended use and invalidates the product's warranty. Edge Products is not responsible for, or liable for the consequences of improper product use.



Note: This unit from the factory ships with the basic dash pod, for customers with a luxury dash you must purchase the luxury dash pod listed below (#28302).

  • The basic dash has vents on the SIDE of the radio.
  • The luxury dash has vents ABOVE the radio.