Smarty UDC Dongle & USB Cable S-UDC

Smarty UDC Dongle & USB Cable S-UDC

  • $ 259.00

UDC stands for User Defined CaTCHER. The Smarty UDC tuning software (PC based only) is an ADDITION to the already existing Smarty tuners. This means that the tuning software can be used with any Smarty product, both already sold or new.

The Concept: The Smarty Tuner retains all of its actual features. All power levels, options and possible settings remain "as-is". In addition to the previous features there is now the possibility for the customer to program the Smarty with their own modified parameters to fine tune their truck. One more power level is added to Smarty's menu, the User Defined CaTCHER.

How It Works:
The Smarty Tuner will need to be upgraded with the UDC feature if it is not already updated, the update can be found on the Mads Electronics website.

The Smarty UDC software will then be able to identify the software for that truck and provide certain stock parameters which can be tuned by you, the end user. Once the paramters have been modified the tune can be downloaded to the SMARTY and you can program your truck with the User Defined CaTCHER level.

Each Dongle will work for one VIN# only.

This product is VIN specific once purchased it can not be returned.