SSBC Quick Change Aluminum Brake Caliper Upgrade Kit A193-1

SSBC Quick Change Aluminum Brake Caliper Upgrade Kit A193-1

  • $ 1,192.00

Quick Change Aluminum Caliper Upgrade Kits



If you're looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your front OE disc brake calipers, then look no further. Designed to work with OE dimension rotors, these multi-piston aluminum calipers are a direct bolt-on replacement to the stock cast iron calipers. Vehicles must have OE front disc brakes.


Kits include:

  •  Force 10 multi-piston aluminum calipers with stainless pistons.
  •  Performance pads.
  • Any necessary hardware (exact contents vary)

All calipers come standard with a clear anodized finish; optional polishing or powder coating (shown) is available.


Key Features:

  •  Multi-piston design distributes the clamping force more evenly over the rotor - decreasing pad deflection and increasing braking power
  • Strong yet lightweight forged aluminum construction reduces unsprung weight and improves ride quality.
  • Stainless steel bleeder screws for added durability.
  • Uses standard off the shelf pads for easy pad replacement.
  • Greatly improves your “through the wheel look”.

Direct bolt-on Force 10 V8 8-piston aluminum calipers and high performance pads. Bolts to stock spindles. Fits in stock wheels.

General Specs:

Minimum Wheel Size Stock 
Axle Front 

Caliper Specs:


Name Force 10 V8 
Number of Pistons
Piston Size 40mm 
Constructed From Aluminum 
Standard Finish Clear Anodized 
Optional Finishes Polished or Powder Coated 


  All hardware included.
  Bolts to stock spindles.
  Calipers come with clear anodized finish. Optional polishing or powder-coating available.
  Includes Force 10 V8 8-Piston aluminum calipers.
  Includes high performance pads.
  *NOTE: Must be used with stock size rotors.